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Singing Star Spangled Banner

For many years I have had the honor of singing the Star Spangled Banner during the Ceremony by the American Legion Post 451 to the Main Street of Boulder Junction, WI. This year there wasn’t a parade because of The Covid Pandemic, however as you see in the video there was an amazingly timed vintage plane fly over.......I love this small town of 700 people nestled into the center of The American Legion State Forest where I lived and raised my children for 25 yrs. This State Forest is a true gem with the 2nd largest concentration of Kettle Lakes in the World. These kettle lakes were formed as the Wisconsin glacier receded . Because this area is so fragile the community has been vigil in protecting its lakes and Natural beauty, by encouraging silent sports so everyone can hear the Loons Calling. Not to leave out that Boulder Junction is also the Musky Capital of The World.

Welcome to My Website

Welcome to my 3rd website!  With the Pandemic of 2020 going on and turning 65 I've had plenty of time to come to grips with my Singing Pursuits. And of course I had to reach back into my younger years to focus in on Why do I work so hard on singing?. Well, I'm going to stop asking myself that question because it is just what I do and my spirit loves to sing.   I was raised listening to "Big Band" music, watching the Lawrance Welk Show and dreaming of singing like Debbie Reynolds in "How The West Was Won".

One of my greatest Joys is singing with accomplished Musicians in environments with good acoustics. I started singing and being in theater productions in Grade school. I was Mabel in The Pirates of Penzance in high school and even I was surprise I could hit the high notes to "Poor Wandering One". After that I always set performance challenges for myself no matter what the venue, pure and simply because it was exciting and the more I did it the better I got.   Being a Live performing Artist takes lots of work and close attention to sound, equipment, lyrics, venues, audience...not to mention pitch, performance, set lists and rehearsals.

I'm excited to get up on the Stage of Historic Theaters and put all my years of work into "The Sharon Iltis Show". So now it's time to "Giddy-up and Go"....hope your day is going well and hope you enjoy my new website.

Otter Ridge Speaks Please "Save Our Snow"

Otter Ridge Speaks Please "Save Our Snow"

Can you see "Otter Ridge?" under this magnificant sunset? ....Clue....have you ever seen an otter floating on its back? Their upper arms are crossed over their chest holding onto the shell creature they hold in their pouch. Once floating in harmony with the water, they pull out the shell and open it with both arms. Oh yeah forgot...they keep a rock in the pouch so they have something to crack open the shell....Otters are very smart, they play with their "Otter Clan". However, you don't want to come upon a clan of angry otters. We rowed past some on THE YELLOWSTONE RIVER, THE LONGEST FREE FLOWING RIVER IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Those Otters were pissed off because we were too close to their homes in the river banks . Anyway, I'd give' em some distance cuz they ain't cowards.

When I was young girl I was very connected with the outdoors and spent many hours with animals and was fascinated with how the animals survived in the wild. The question of which animals or plants were the most “intellegent” was often a topic of great discussion within my young brain. I ascertained, after much thought, that it was the creatures or plants that could best live in harmony that got to live the longest on earth. Because the tree lived potentially the longest , I pondered,  TREES were perhaps the best at adaptation and survival and thus, the most “intelligent.

Then the  question was how could the human species sustain itself on this planet? That question was an underlying seed of perpetual pondering and one which lead me on a path without a destination, because Mankind had never yet achieved worldwide peace and harmony, so it was worth spending my life trying to answer the question and contribute to the solving thereof.  It was also back when I was young that singing turned - on some kind of light and singing outside was like being part of something. I didn't really understand anything however, I understood that being outside was were I was accepted and it was always there for me nomatter where I was.  I could be very still and little creatures would come close to me, with curiousity. If I started to wistle like a bird.. seemed like the birds would chime in and soon I was part of the conversation. If I sang strong enough and with enough echo off.....lets say a canyon wall...there would be red tailed hawks, bald eagles swooping down. Now, they were probably doing that before I came along, however, if I sang I think they knew I was probably "a safe" human, so they could resume their activity.

Back step, turnaround. When I was young I dreamt up that the sound waves of humans singing would help unite the world and eventually unite all humans and enable us to understand each other and live in harmony and thus that was how I would do my part to help save humanity on earth. What I didn’t realize until this past fall of 2019 was that I must have dyslexia (which after studying about dyslexia explains why I understand shapes more than the written language. More on Dyslexia later, I basically just found this out)

So now that I am 65 and going through the Pandemic of 2020 I see a convergence of my dream with reality. I have learned that dyslexia is a structural variation of the brain and that 20% of the population have this variation. People with Dyslexia have the cones cells in their The pandemic of 2020 has given me lots of time to harness my dyslexia and repurpose and redirect myself to what I’m trying to accomplish.

Along with this pandemic came clearing of the skies of exhaust and fumes from fossil fuels. People were beginning to enjoy being home more and not flying - and all of this cleared the air. So it looks like we can make a difference and I think this helped us to think about our own energy needs at home and that our individual actions can combine to make a real difference.

 I  thought that I would somehow help the world with my singing, however I now know my singing helped me help myself . I remember being in the play "Godspell" 3 times, don't ask me how that happened, I sang so loud and everyone else around me was embarrassed for me except me.  I had so much fun singing loud and strong. Basically, I sang outside most of my life and when I had my first singing lesson back in my early twenties, my instructor said "what did you do, grow up singing in a Barn?"  I looked at her and said " yes" . I think back then I just wanted to be heard in the woods and be apart of the conversation of nature . I lucked into this because I did not seem to be good at verbal communication with "the social norms". I was mostly concerned with the weather because that was what was going on outside. So now that we actually have the opportunity and technology, I want try to be a sounding influence and messenger to speak through my voice and help bring awareness to the fact that we really do have a chance at keeping our temperature from rising on earth.

This is a very exciting time and given that we have this heads-up we have no excuse other than to do what we know we need to do. I sure don’t want my grandchildren to say, “where’s all the snow? Why didn’t grandma help keep the snow.” So I want to rally the people who love snow and if I can bring awareness and a sense of urgency to those people and a sense of "let's get our solar panels up, and let's see if we can reduce our fossil fuel usage and lets save the snow for our grandkids."

The reason why I’m singing is because I was very close to the earth growing up and I want everyone moving forward to also have the opportunity to have a relationship with the natural world.

We have witnessed during the Pandemic of 2020 that each and everyone of us can make a difference and clean up the air and decrease fossil fuel use, decrease earths temperature rise and in the meantime save snow for future generations.

This website will act as a vehicle to further explore the art of singing and songwriting and how it has lead me to activate my own instinctual alarm to help in the greatest hurdle Mankind has yet to conquer - how to coexist on this planet and sustain ourselves, It starts with me singing to save our snow for the Otters……and here we go!

Oh yeah, forgot to  ask you why "Otter Ridge" would ask for us to "Save Our Snow".......Oh, I think you can probably figure it out, there are lots and lots of smart humans now, maybe we actually can be smarter than our phones....aftrer all we created them....and now we can all see each other.