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 "Today at Last" is a collection of my favorite classic cover tunes with the exception of my one first original song "quality of Life". I played my guitar and sang these songs probably 1000 times each from the age of 19 yrs old until I was almost 50, by then  I figured I better "lay them to rest" and move on and make a CD of original tunes. Andy Noyes who was the Sound engineer for Big Top Chautauqua at the time and a well-known musician in the area operated wild oates audio, a recording studio in Northern Wisconsin. 

record them and move on

"My heart would love for you to hear my music. Please consider how you're using fossil fuels and lets get back to loving the earth. It is our only home and we must do everything we can to keep our planet green and wild. I'm making my music available to everyone for free. Use the "Download Full Song" button bebeath each sample track below. Peace to you all and thanks for listening!"  Sharon Iltis


1) Today

2) Don't Fence Me In

3) Quality of Love

4) Nobody Knows You...

5) Summertime

6) Louise

7) Moonriver/Edelweiss Medley

8) When You Say Nothing At All

9) Stealin', Stealin'

10) Night Rider's Lament

11) The Gift Of Love

12) Landslide

13) Santana Song

14) At Last


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Cactus Records, Bozeman: 406-587-0245