djsArchival025 250       As a Singer-Songwriter-Entertainer, I have gleened many moments of joy singing with and Entertianing people. I love singing love songs to live audiences. During the pandemic of 2020 I was unable to perform in front of live audiences for almost a year so far and it has been rough on me, almost intolerable because I gain so much strength by sharing the Love I feel in my own heart with other people.  so Dang-it , I just had to learn the computer and connect

through technology, which is my least favorite way, however at least it is "A Way" .

          This collection of well-known love songs diffines a personal pathway for me as do all my song's enormously fun, not to mention a good focus for a "busy brain". I first started singing "Where is Love" while riding my horse "Zeke" and watching my English Springer Spaniel "Socko" run through the woods. Honestly,  I just loved singing the song and really didn't think it was a question I was supposed to answer untill I got to be about 50 yrs old. 

    My music is available to everyone at no cost. For digital recording Use the "Download Full Song" button beneath each sample track below.  Peace to you all and thanks for listening!"  Sharon Iltis


1) Where Is Love?

2) Somewhere Out There

3) Simple Love

4) Someone To Watch Over Me

5) I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

6) The Way You Look Tonight

7) Make You Feel My Love

8) At Last

9) Hallelujah, I Love Him So

10) All My Life

11) Feels Like Home

12) La Vie En Rose

13) You'll Never Be The Sun

14) I Hope You Dance

15) My Heart Will Go On

16) Over The Rainbow


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