djsArchival031 250 Sometimes if you just wait, what you are waiting for just comes along. So yes, I was just waiting while hiking, paddling, thinking and singing these songs. Songs are like magic they come out of nowhere yet everywhere everyday. And most amazing is to let them go, move on and then turn around to hear where you were again. I really was standing on the rock, waiting for Love, then sprinkled by Fairydust with a vision of my True Love Rider after finding my first love, even though  he left me all alone I convinced him to Hear Me Now and finally I agreed and said "I'll Come Anyway"......Ha!




1) The Stage

2) Waiting For Love

3) Sprinkled By Fairy Dust

4) True Love Rider

5) First Love

6) Left Me All Alone

7) Hear Me Now

8) I'll Come Away


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