djsArchival025 250    I completed "Everyday" in 2012. It took me a year to complete. I was fortunate to find an excellent Recording studio close to me in Northern Wisconsin, Alchematic Studios Mark Richardson. I did alot of singing in the Northwoods of Wisconsin with many fine musicians and particularly enjoyed writing songs for fundraisers based on theme events such as "Hold On Honey" written for a Wife Carrying Contest. "Old Nash Lodge" was written to commenorate the Historic Nash Lodge at Camp Manitowish YMCA (where I lived for 25 yrs) before it was renovated. One day I was particularly frustrated and sat looking at a blank sheet of paper, I thought to myself "When will I ever be a singer" and then bingo I thought "wait a minute I already am a singer" and thats when "Faith Stands Alone" came to me. I remember when I had my first song come to me. I was sitting in a small clump of trees by a lake, I was about 13 yrs old. I sat there for about 2 hrs just listening to the water and looking at the details of the trees. I started to feel like I belonged there, and as I stood and ducked out of the trees a melody floated into my head. That song " Twenty Something" took me awhile to write because it was a background Matra that took me through the trials and tribulations of transitioning through my twenties. 

Well 2020 is history, still can't go out and play music because of the Pandemic so I would like to share my music with you on this site. I'm offering my music to everyone at no cost.  For a download Use the "Download Full Song" button beneath each sample track below. Peace to you all and thanks for listening!"  Sharon Iltis


1) Old Nash Lodge of Camp Manito-wish YMCA

2) Looking for Echoes

3) Winded-Love

4) Jumping Molecules

5) Marriage Is

6) Hold On Honey

7) River Crossing

8) Lazy Lucy

9) Twenty Something

10) Nordic Love

11) Faith Stands Alone


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