Welcome to The Sharon Iltis Music Website


I will be offering a variety of music options

for this upcoming winter and spring season 2016-2017

in The Bozeman, Montana Region. With over 20 yrs

in the entertainment Business I work closely with

you to provide the sound appropriate for your occassion.

Please call me.....715-892-0320......to customize your music needs


Sharon Solo: Singer-Songwriter Americana Music

                      Good choice for that special party,

                       individualized wedding song, Art

                       Show, Special Birthday greeting.


Sharon and Cliff : Classic Keyboard/Vocal soft

                       torch-like music for the perfect Holiday

                        or special Event. Great Background

                        music for a company party,

                         retirement party,

                         Cocktail party, fundraiser


Sharon Iltis Band: A "kick up your heels" Country-Western

                          Blues Band. We can build this band

                          depending on your budget from 3-5

                       piece Band.


Sharon Iltis Song-writer: For radio-television commercials,

                            affordable option to sell your merchandise

                             with customized song. All my songs are

                             copywritten and professionally recorded.

                              They can be purchased for movie

                              production and or used as samples .



Sound Gear: I have been working with a variety of sound

                        equipment over the past 30 yrs and have found

                       Bose to be the most pleasing to the ear. Bose

                        incorporates many small sound speakers in its 

                        speaker systems which disperses the sound,

                         easy on the ears.



I have produced 3 CDs 

Available on iTunes at the links below:

            "Just Waiting"


            "Today at last"


CDs are on Sale at Cactus Records 

Main street...Bozeman



"A gathering of people is always

a special event and  shall be enhanced

with the right type of music to create

very memorable moments crucial to

our spiritual existance on our precious


Let it be SKI 


Stay Tuned!,



Sharon Iltis

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Latest Album



Listen & Download:

Jumping Molecules - Everyday

Sprinkled by Fairy Dust - Just Waiting

Moonriver/Edelweiss Medley - Today at Last


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"Everyday" - CDbaby | iTunes

"Today at last" - CDbaby | iTunes

"Just Waiting" - iTunes